Monday, May 3, 2010

A case of the Mundays.

What is it with Mondays? The last two have been rainy here in Philly. Both days I've been late for work and the day started out rather crappy. This is after two nice weekends when I went to bed on Sunday with a happy, positive outlook! There is nothing like sitting in the office with the a/c blowing on you while your jeans try to dry out. Fun times!

Matt is growing up so quickly! He is almost 14 months now and is just as cute as can be. He is in need of his 3rd haircut already. We drove to the children's hair studio and it was closed yesterday so my husband plans to take him on Friday since he only works till noon. He had his first skinned knee on Saturday too. He cried and cried...till I gave him a popsicle and then his tears miraculously dried. Is food for comfort at age 1 an issue??? haha

I'm starting to feel flutters/kicks/rolling from Twosie. It's so interesting because I tend to forget that I'm pregnant (I think because I'm just so busy with Matt) that when I'm laying in bed and feel that movement it surprises me still. It's a happy little reminder! We have our 15 week appt on Thursday and I hope that I finally get to hear the heartbeat...I've seen it a number of times but haven't gotten to hear it yet. Fingers crossed!

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