Wednesday, May 19, 2010



--I am currently 17w2d pregnant

--Twosie is moving pretty reguarly now and I feel him each day

--We go for our Level II ultrasound exactly 2 weeks from today..trying not to be nervous

--I have an "angry cervix" that gets irritated when I cough

--I have people asking me now when I'm due. I guess I officially look pregnant


--Matt is throwing everything. His cups, his toys, a fit. Wow this boy has a temper

--He is also totally adorable. If asked where his brother is, he'll lift up my shirt and rub my belly

--I won this awesome Growth Chart from my friend Chelsea at From My Front Porch for Matt's room. It's personalized and totally adorable

--Matt LOVES some Mr. Softee. When he hears the truck music start to play he will dance and then grab your hand or shirt and drag you to the door

--He is STILL teething those molars. The two on the left are in, the right is still empty

Well that's about it from here. I promise to try to do better. Really.


  1. We want Twosie's name!!!! If Matthew becomes a little turd and gets on your nerve... you just send him to Texas for a week or two! I'll love on him, tantrums and all. :-)

  2. I love that Matt dances when he hears the ice cream truck - too cute. Congrats on the growth chart! It's really cute!