Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Haps

Luke was baptised into the Catholic church on Sunday and it was beautiful! Finally a sunny day and no snow! He did really well, considering he was HUNGRY and decided to show his displeasure during the Monsigners speech about the devil. Seriously kid? You couldn't have timed it better!

We had switched Luke back to regular formula over the weekend and we quickly found out that he wasn't ready for it. The kid who never spit up suddenly started throwing up after every feeding and was incredibly fussy. So Monday he went right back to the soy formula.

Matt is turning into such a funny little boy. Last night a conversation with Daddy went like this:

Matt--Where Trix go, Daddy?
Pete--they're in your belly buddy.
Matt then unzips his pjs and grabs his belly...he starts crying TRIX, TRIX!!!!!

Drama king???
Today it was icy when we left for the sitters. I'm taking my time and telling him to be careful. He slides on the ice and I gasp, fearing he's going to fall. Matt loves it and yells WEEEEEE!

These kids make my heart smile!


  1. I love this pic of him.... It's so dramatic looking! :0)