Friday, July 16, 2010

So I lied!

Yeah, yeah. I know I said I would get better at this blogging thing and I haven't. I feel like I'm too boring to post about our lives.

Matthew is 16 months old now! Isn't he just adorable!?!? He is such a little boy now. I have to refrain myself from brushing dirt off of him and stopping him from climbing on things, because that is what boys do. What do I know? I had a sister!

About a month ago we had a scare with Matt. He just started limping out of nowhere. So we took him to the doc to get checked out and he spiked a 103 degree fever. They made us go directly to the ER and we found out that he had toxic synosis. Luckily it cleared up almost immediately (really buddy, we could have spent that $100 co-pay in MUCH better ways!) and was back to his normal self. This is just a pic of him at the hospital. He was such a trooper and was only crying because we wouldn't let him rip the IV out of his arm...I mean what kind of parents are we anyway!?!

We took Matt to Sesame Place a few weeks ago and met up with some of the other March 2009 Mommies. We had a blast even though it was 175 degrees. I think maybe next year he'll have more fun when he can enjoy the water rides a little more but all in all, it was a great day!

Here is Pete & Matt "high-fiving" Oscar the Grouch!

March Mommies--Danielle with Rylan & Kenzie, Jen with Katelyn, me and Matt, and Jill with Jolee and Mason.

Lucas (I'm trying out the name) James is scheduled to be born on October 21st, the day after my birthday. I seriously considered having his c/s on my b-day but wanted him to have his own special day and frankly, that means cake on 2 consecutive days...what can be bad about that?

On the home front, I'm soooo pissed at Lowe's. We were supposed to get new doors on July 1st and they called us that day to tell us that the sizes were wrong and we still have no resolution on the door situation. I will NEVER use them for a big project again.


  1. Matt has gotten so big. He was 4 months when I met him! Love him and I love the name Lucas!

  2. hey girl!cute pics! I am your newest follower from FF :) Have a great weekend!