Monday, July 19, 2010


I hate being sick...I feel miserable already due to the heat (we're in an extended heat wave) and being pregnant that I just feel awful.

Saturday Pete woke up with a sore throat. As the day went on he felt worse but not bad enough to NOT go fishing! I took a nap with Matt in the afternoon and woke up with the sore throat and as the evening went on, proceeded to sneeze about 100 times.

Sunday we were both a mess and trying to chase around a 16 month old was not my idea of a good time. We bickered a bit over who was doing what but we got through it.

I called the emergency line at the doctors office and apologized because it wasn't an emergency per se but I needed meds! Luckily I can take any Tylenol products but I feel guilty that I am drugging the bean.

Happy to say that I'm feeling better today, despite still feeling a bit "off". I hope it goes away quickly and doesn't settle in my chest. Blah.

Oh and did I mention it's 175 degrees* out with no relief in sight? Yeah, I'm over it!

*I've been known to exaggerate a little bit!

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